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Connecting Linksys SPA-8000 to SoTel SIP Service
Posted by Sotel Admin Account on 02 June 2010 03:40 PM
After the initial configuration (IP address, default gateway, DNS server, NTP server) you will need to configure the line appearances (L1 through L8). This is better done in the "Admin", "Advanced" mode. The following screen shot shows the parameters you need to set up at a minimum to get the service up and running:


The following parameters are identical on all lines:

* Proxy:
* Register: no
* Make Call Without Reg(istration): yes
* Ans(wer) Call Without Reg(istration): yes
* Use DNS SRV: yes
* DNS SRV Auto Prefix: yes

The following parameter must be set differently on all lines:

* User ID: enter the full (11 digits) DID assigned to you

Additionally you should change the following parameters:

Dial plan needs to be adapted to reflect your local preferences. In this example we prepend "1(314)" to a local 7 digits number in order to provide a proper 11 digits number for call routing:


Packet interval should be set to 20ms:


DTMF Transmit should be set to Inband due to some differences in the SPA-8000 (the SPA-2102 and SPA-3102 should be left to their default configuration):


Once the changes are done, click "Submit Changes" and test inbound and outbound calls.

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